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Fabulous Fingertips!

During these challenging times, it’s important we find ways to feel good and keep positive. For some people that’s about exercise, for others it’s about reading a good book and for some people when we look good, it lightens our mood!

Prep time is king!

Before you do anything else, shake your nail polish and then leave it to sit for at least an hour before application. This allows the polish to mix well, whilst allowing any bubbles to settle…

Best shape for a long-lasting finish? Forget trendy shapes like the stiletto, it turns out that rounded nails are your best bet to avoid rips and snagging. It might seem a little dull but it’s less likely to catch on anything and will therefore look so much better for longer.

How to get the shape:

It’s lovely to be pampered and no one does nails better than a trained beautician but we’ve come up with some top tips to ensure that your at-home manicure gives you a salon finish which lasts.

  1. File in one direction from the outside to the middle of the nail. Lots of gentle strokes are best – if you apply too much pressure, your nails will get ragged…
  2. Buff the edges of the nails and remove any nail debris from under the corners of the nail and along the cuticles.
  3. Wipe over the nails with nail polish remover and you’re good to go! Myth buster: A dry manicure is best - soaking in water beforehand leads to nails expanding causing chipping, and cleaning with vinegar can make your nails brittle…

Perfect brush strokes

No matter what your polish may say, two coats of colour is key: one layer of base coat, two coats of colour and one layer of top coat to set.

Three is the magic number! With all of the coats, apply the polish from base of the nail to the tip, with one stoke up the middle and then one stroke on each side – this gives you a smooth, even finish.

There are lots of great nail polish formulas available. We love OPI – their range of colours and great prices @BeautyOutlet make them a steal, or, with up to 60% off, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Myth buster: A dry manicure is best - soaking in water beforehand leads to nails expanding causing chipping, and cleaning with vinegar can make your nails brittle…

Take your time…

Let your polish dry between coats and let the whole manicure set once you’ve finished. In these difficult times, you need to lock yourself away for at least an hour and allow 10 minutes between coats…

Once you’re done, lather on the hand moisturiser (and if you’re feeling extra fancy, don’t forget the cuticle oil!), protect your polish and wear strong gloves for washing up, cleaning and gardening.

Which shade to choose? You might want to ready this first!

What does your chosen shade say about you? Who knows, but we were rather amused by this take on things:

  • Pink – you’re full of energy and have an inbred nurturing spirit
  • Orange – positivity is your middle name…
  • Purple – you are full of imagination and creativity
  • Grey – you’ve got style – you’ve picked a shade to co-ordinate with everything!
  • Blue – you’re confident and honest – you’re a loyal friend
  • Red – you’re sassy with a very passionate side!
  • Nude – you’re independent and understated…