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Home workouts just got easier

The benefits of exercise have been long documented, from improving your health, strengthening your bones and muscles to lowering stress and anxiety. In light of the lockdown, it is important that we continue to keep active in a bid to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing and find alternative ways to keep moving. 

Switching to home workouts can be tricky as not all of us have a state-of-the-art home gym, large open spaces, and an endless supply of equipment but in the light of lockdown, many fitness experts, organisations, gyms and studios are doing their part to help us stay in shape. Here, we've rounded up the best home workouts and fitness tips that'll make you look and feel your best and get those endorphins pumping! 

Shape It Up With Nike

During this challenging time, Nike is guiding us through some daily routines to silence the inner critic and surprise ourselves with what's inside. Find advice on home workouts, diet and motivation tips, utilising your space and equipment, and getting geared up in the perfect attire to get you kick-started and raring to go. Feeling motivated? Why not take on the challenge of the #LivingRoomCup and compete against Nike pro athletes through weekly fitness challenges!

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Get Active With Adidas

Whether you are running 10 km in the garden or around the dinner table, join the #hometeam with Adidas and get the encouragement you need to keep moving, pull together, share skills, and spread positivity. You can also find the perfect mind and body exercises, full-body workouts, and advice on the best sports attire to achieve your goals. 

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Make it easy with New Balance

Team New Balance athletes, Coco Gauff and Sydney McLaughlin show us that quarantining at home doesn’t mean we can’t stay active. They share their go-to at-home routines to inspire us to take part in outdoor and indoor workouts, circuits, and strength training that can be done alone or with your family. Don’t forget to check out the selection of ‘athlete picks’ and find the perfect active-wear to kick start a new home fitness regime.

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