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How Junction 32 helps the environment

We're extremely proud and passionate about helping the environment and where possible we seek opportunities to reduce our impact on the world we live, making conscious decisions to ensure we're putting our best foot forward when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. 

Take a look at the commitments we've already made, with more coming soon!

  • Without electricity at Junction 32, we wouldn't be able to seek out the discounts, navigate the village and park our cars throughout the darker months - what would we do without it?!  The good news! 100% of the electricity purchased by Junction 32 is renewable, powered from sources such as wind and solar - meaning the masses we use is as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We try to keep our waste to a minimum and the waste we do have, we consciously recycle. Last year we recycled 78% of all the waste produced on site!  P.S We NEVER let our waste reach a landfill.
  • All that shopping is thirsty work! Six of our retailers are signed up to our "Refill Me" campaign, offering you FREE refills of water with no need to make a purchase. Reducing the amount of one use plastic and keeping you hydrated as you seek out the savings.

To mark World Environment Day Wednesday 5th June we'll be handing out little, environmentally friendly treats throughout the centre!