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How to Relax with The Body Shop

Relaxation is not always easy, especially when it doesn’t come naturally to us. It can often be difficult to let go of worry and stress and when our days are fast-paced and jam-packed, we often don’t feel like we have the time to take a moment to reflect on how we are feeling.

For some, relaxation involves a hot bubble bath with your favourite scented candle or a pamper evening with your favourite skincare and beauty products. For others, it may be practicing mediation and breathing exercises or a full-body workout to release those endorphins!

We have rounded together some top tips from The Body Shop in line with their #timetocare initiative to help you find the perfect relaxation techniques for you.   


Pamper from head to toe 

Having a body care routine, whether it’s a head-to-toe scrub or a quick swipe of body butter, not only gives your skin that healthy-looking glow but can make you feel pretty good about yourself. It’s time to give your body the love it deserves. Start with an exfoliating body scrub, followed by a fruitful body butter and smoothing skin oil which can all be found in The Body Shop care packages. These also make the perfect gift for family and friends who may need a little pick-me-up! Now, dance around the room and feel your best self!

Soak your stresses away

When your busy day comes to a close and you are looking for the perfect way to wind down, run a hot bath, and get ready to relax. Set the ambiance by lighting your favourite candle, dim the lights, and put on some of your favourite chilled music. It’s the perfect way to really have some ‘you time’ and to remove yourself from all the goings-on in the outside world.

Fill your tub with the perfect bath blend whether that be pear, berry or banana and give your bath a fragrantly fruity boost.

Find your zen

Sometimes stress can be caused by overthinking. Gather your thoughts and focus your mind by practicing a little meditation and mindfulness. Breathing exercises are also a great way to check-in with yourself and calm your mind. They require minimal effort and help slow your heart rate and bring your mind and body back down to a relaxed state.

Simple breathing exercise for reducing stress: 

  1. Lie flat on your back and place both hands-on your stomach.
  2. Breathe in through your nose, counting to four as you do. Feel your stomach rise.
  3. And exhale. Breathing out through your mouth, counting to four as you do. Feel your stomach fall.
  4. Repeat until you feel calm and relaxed and until your heart rate has come down.

Keep active

In unsettling times, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep active and we are often all guilty of choosing a duvet and the sofa as a coping mechanism. But that doesn’t always help. Often, the best way to overcome stress is to get your body moving and doing a workout from home is super easy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a state-of-the-art gym or a cupboard full of fitness equipment, all you need is an online workout video and a bottle of water to see you through. Trust us, after 30 minutes of jumping around your living room, you’ll be feeling great. 

Try massage oil and massagers for relaxing the body post-workout. Not only is it great for the body, it’s also great for boosting vitality and awaken the senses. 

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