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Summer of Space - Free Event

It’s time to dust off your space suit, climb aboard your rocket and zoom to Junction 32 for a space adventure like no other this summer. 

This summer Junction 32 will be home to an interactive space station for you to explore and each week we’ll be hosting a variety of sessions with our Space Cadets EVERY SATURDAY 11AM - 4PM.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Saturday 17th August – Space Race

The Space Race is on and you’ve got to be in it to win it. We will look back at races already won... to space, to the moon, and to Mars. Celeste Craft and Astro Bob will be on the lookout for space cadets who’ve got the speed and skill to break new records. Don’t miss this super-fast, speed of light space sensation of a session. There will be walking in space races, rocket races, around the sun and back races. On your marks... 

  • Saturday 24th August – Alien Invasion

Visitors from outer space are on their way to Earth.  Are the space cadets under attack? Are these alien invaders friends or foe? Meet some Martians and work out the motivation for their Earth mission, and get ready for defending or befriending.

  • Saturday 31st August – Zero Gravity Disco

Time to party like there’s nothing holding you down. Oh, hold on! There is NOTHING holding you down! Who turned off the gravity? Find out what dance moves look like in space when everything goes slow-mo in zero G. It’s the interstellar dance championships and you’re all invited to throw some shapes to celebrate graduating from space cadet training.   

See you in space?